Catching My Breath

Sorry I haven’t been blogging every day as per usual, but everything seems to really be hitting me at once. It’s difficult to deal.

I’m not eating much or getting any sleep recently, but I’m working to steer away from those negative reactions to stress. Hopefully after work today I’ll take a good, 12 hour nap and just reset.

Wish me luck? I’l try to update about my city’s festival and the festival in the next city over soon!


About Jessica

Jessica is an avid writer and artist who dabbles in novel writing and chases pixie dreams on social media. Currently employed as an assistant language teacher in Japan, she mainly blogs about daily life and helpful tips for future residents in the land of the rising sun.

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  1. Hope you feel better after you take that nap and get back on the blog train. Try to find something to distract you, I know it can be difficult but you seem like a strong person. Good luck! hope to read some stuff from this festival that you are talking about.. Keep your head up.

  2. rachelmasterson76

    I too haven’t been blogging every day like I wanted to. We all have lives and things happen! Rest and your readers will be here when you’re ready 🙂


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