Start of the Second Term

If it seems like I dropped off the face of the map for a while there, it’s because summer has officially ended in Japan. I started things off beautifully on September 1st by forgetting that my class for adult English learners was starting back up. Luckily, I received a wake-up call to double-check that I would be coming to the lesson that day. If I hadn’t gotten that call, I wouldn’t have made it to the station in time. ^^;

From Monday until now, I’ve been going to my new school! I’ll be here from now until toward the end of October. I marathon-ed the first grade classes yesterday for five periods straight. Today I’ll have two classes with the third graders and two with the second graders. A much easier schedule, I can assure you.

At this point, I like teaching with the second grade teacher the most. He plans the lessons carefully, wants to challenge the students, and has a really cohesive style! It will be interesting to learn from him the next month and a half. I hope I can teach as smoothly as he does from now until next August. Classes like his seem to fly by! I never agonize over how much longer the class has.

With work started back in full, I can keep distracted a little more, but my life is still crazy at the moment. I’m fighting hard to assure people I can still keep my previous commitments. It’s extremely difficult being an adult and learning that no matter what insanity is going on in your life, there will always be people around you who are unwilling to cut you any slack.

At least I’ve been getting a little reading done. And watching Arrow. That show is a lifesaver. But where is the handsome billionaire to sweep me off my feet? Maybe I should get into the arrow-making business…



About Jessica

Jessica is an avid writer and artist who dabbles in novel writing and chases pixie dreams on social media. Currently employed as an assistant language teacher in Japan, she mainly blogs about daily life and helpful tips for future residents in the land of the rising sun.

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