Full Circle

Earlier last month, I returned to the school that I started at in Japan over a year ago. It’s been interesting seeing everything that’s the same, who has grown up, the differences between then and now…

And as much as it hits home to be there and know everything I’ve accomplished and that I’ve decided to move on with my life in less than a year, there still manages to be times every day that are just silly.

This school thinks I’m absolutely adorable.

Other schools have made comments, and there had been students here and there who have decided I’m the cutest/dorkiest thing ever, but this school. This school. I cannot get anywhere without a chorus of girls trying to prompt me into saying “good morning” or anything at all so they can squeal, “KAWAII!!!!!” and continue with their mornings. It likely hasn’t helped that I’m always super smiley and bouncy these days.

The best of the bunch, though, is a little first year girl who has a birthday tomorrow.

I was told today by her English teacher that whenever I’m not assisting for their English class, the girl (let’s call her Y) becomes extremely grumpy. It seemed to be a fangirl at first sight moment. This kid cannot seem to handle that I exist. She has trouble speaking to me because it embarrasses her too much, she hides her face in her hands/hides behind a friend/slams her face down on her desk and hides behind her arms if I catch her looking my way. The only thing she ever manages to say to me is, “Very, very, very cute!” and that takes all her willpower before she has to run away and hide again.

Y’s entire class knows about how she is around me. Whenever there’s a chance to speak to me, the normally noisy class will grow quiet and all turn toward Y to see how she will react (usually by turning red and dying).

Her friends think it’s hilarious to drag Y up to me and insist that, “Y loves you!”

I have never had a kid react so strongly. I’m really looking forward to how she does when I stop by her class tomorrow to wish her a happy birthday. It might kill her. ❤

I’m going to really miss stuff like this when I leave. I’ve said multiple times that I don’t really want to be a teacher, but I really love kids. Maybe I wouldn’t mind tutoring on the side or being a volunteer somewhere? We’ll see what I can manage in the future.


About Jessica

Jessica is an avid writer and artist who dabbles in novel writing and chases pixie dreams on social media. Currently employed as an assistant language teacher in Japan, she mainly blogs about daily life and helpful tips for future residents in the land of the rising sun.

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