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Eventful Days

Through a combination of work and life being equally hectic, I haven’t been around much for blogging. A crazy ton has happened that I should have talked about, but lately I’ve been running on around four hours of sleep a night and suffering from some major stress. But I guess let’s start at the beginning? 

I went on radio silence through the latter half of September and all of October. Part of it was recovering from the English speech contest that I’d been helping out with. Another part was dealing with worrying about my dad’s health problems and other family issues. I’ve been coordinating with my mom for my family’s upcoming trip to visit me for Christmas, dealing with unexpected taxes, and fifty billion other things that all seemed to come up at once.

And, of course, I was still in recovery mode from my recent break-up. I was mostly okay at the time, but I seemed to dip back toward being depressed any time some new stressor hit me. After far too many ups and downs, I decided to take a step back from unnecessary stress (like keeping a blog updated) and to just focus on me and what makes me happy.

Focusing on me meant becoming a serious social butterfly. My calendar suddenly required multiple ink colours, tinier handwriting, and constant consultation to keep my life straight. Any time something came up, I made a point to say yes — yes I would love to go and pick soybeans and then eat some horse meat. Yes, who wouldn’t want to carry a Shinto god around the neighborhood and acquire some god-like bruises. Yes, I would kill to see the Backstreet Boys in concert, a million times yes! And so on.

However manic I got to achieve it, my emotions evened out and I stopped having the “I’m just sad” days.

Unexpectedly, I also got to start skyping often with one of my best friends who I’ve known fooooor almost ten years?

Often. Then frequently. Then sometimes every day…

We started dating last week!

I should warn my youngest sister to beware. Long distance seems to be a thing with our family now. My middle sister’s boyfriend is currently in Alaska (she’s in Alabama). 

I’m still under a lot of stress with my graduate school application suddenly looming over me, constantly reminding me that my statement of purpose isn’t quite done, but… I’m really happy.

Not sleeping awesomely since I have new neighbors and sleep lightly anyway, but super happy.

Little bit worried about money, but happy.

Things have been crazy. Life has been unexpected and wonderful and a mess. Despite it all, I think things are finally working out and making sense.

Coming up next time: my new school and how insane it is that I have a small fan club of girls. ❤